Perfect Portions

Perfect Portions

This highly requested feature further simplifies your daily routine by accurately measuring and packaging your freeze-dried breast milk into equal, ready-to-use portions.

Instead of processing your milk on a pouch-by-pouch basis where each lactation bag that you send in to us becomes its own pouch of powder, thus with variable weights; we will instead combine your powdered milk and evenly proportionate it into quantities of your choosing; making sure that each pouch has the same amount of powder.

Ideal for busy parents and caregivers, our dosed packets are particularly handy when coordinating with daycares or on-the-go feeding. Each dose is meticulously calculated to provide the exact amount of freeze-dried breast milk, making preparation quick and effortless each time.

Please Note:

Nourishy adheres to a strict no-touch process where your milk remains untouched by any equipment or machinery, preserving its purity from start to finish. However, our dosing process is a slight deviation from this method. When opting for dosing, your powdered milk is carefully placed onto a sanitised steel plate (the scale). This technique helps precisely portion your milk, ensuring each dose is accurate.

Furthermore, since we combine milk, we do not capture detailed metadata for each lactation bag, such as the exact time of expression, diet, and other specifics.

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Perfect Portions

Perfect Portions

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