Our Brisbane Facility

If you are near the Northgate area, in Brisbane, Australia, you can drop off your milk with us at our main facility.

Facility address:

Unit 15, Lot 9, 62 Crockford Street, 

Northgate QLD




Schedule Drop-Off

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  • Pricing

    The rate for drop-off orders is $8.50 per 100 ml for Single-Feed packaging and $6.00 per 100 ml for Multi-Feed packaging.

    After we receive your milk and weigh your order, we will email you an invoice. You will be able to pay the invoice directly from the link in the email.

  • Locations

    Our facility is located at Unit 15, Lot 9, 62 Crockford Street, Northgate, Queensland Australia. You can park in any of the available spaces.​ 

    Please make a booking prior to arriving, to ensure that someone will be there to assist you.

  • Turnaround time

    Our turnaround time depends on the volume of milk you drop off. If timing is a concern please check with us before dropping off to get an accurate timeframe for processing.

    Your milk will be individually labeled with your name and order ID and will be kept safe in our freezer until freeze-drying. We will send you updates when your order is being processed, and when ready for pickup.

  • Scheduling

    Access to our facility is by appointment only, so please email us if you need to make any last-minute changes.

    Each drop-off appointment usually only takes approximately 15 minutes or less. We will be present at the facility at your appointment time, but if the front door is locked when you arrive, please ring the doorbell.

    To change/cancel your appointment time/date, please log in or email hello@nourishy.com.au.

How to use your freeze-dried breast milk?

Not In Brisbane?

No worries! We've successfully shipped thousands of frozen breast milk packages from all territories. If you're not local to the Brisbane, Australia area, click below to view our shipping kit options.

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