Peel Back the Velcro Straps

Peel back the Velcro strap(s) securing the white Nanocool insulated shipping box.

  • Keep the straps fastened around the insulated shipping box, as they will be essential for repackaging when it's time for return shipping.
  • ​​Please do not cut these straps
Take off the lid

Lift off the cooler's lid. Inside, you'll find a plastic bag liner snugly fitted. Keep this liner right where it is, please.

  • Verify that none of the cooler's side panels have collapsed during transportation.
Insert the 2nd plastic bag

Open the second plastic bag liner included with these guidelines and position it within the cooler.

Pack your frozen milk

Place your frozen bags of milk into the bag liner while it's inside the cooler.

  • Arrange your milk snugly within the cooler, ensuring not to overcrowd the top section. The lid must be able to rest securely, flush on the cooler's surface.


  • There is no need for dry ice or ice packs.
Close the plastic bags with provided order sticker

Affix the supplied order label sticker to seal the top of your bag liner.

Place the lid back onto the cooler

Replace the lid onto the cooler, ensuring it fits snugly in place, flush with the top of the side panels.

  • Kindly refrain from using packing tape to secure the lid onto the cooler.
Close the flaps of the box and secure with the velcro straps

Close the flaps of the white Nanocool insulated shipping box and fasten them using the Velcro straps.

  • The box flaps and Velcro straps provide security to keep the lid in place during shipping.

  • Kindly refrain from using packing tape on the Nanocool box.
Close the outer box using box tap

Seal the flaps of the outer cardboard shipping box using packing tape.

Attach the return label covering the old label

Affix the return shipping label onto the exterior of the cardboard shipping box, ensuring it covers the previous shipping label.

Drop off with Fedex Australia

You can either take your box to a FedEx location for drop-off, or you have the option to reach out to the Nourishy team at (07) 2111 8308 or to arrange a pick-up.

  • We highly recommend using an official FedEx depot for drop-off, rather than a retail store that accepts FedEx parcels. Taking your milk to these third-party locations could potentially lead to delays in pick-up.
Ship on a Monday or a Tuesday

To minimise the risk of weekend shipping delays, it's advisable to send your shipment on a Monday or Tuesday.

Milk received at Nourishy

As soon as your order is received, it will be immediately inspected. You will receive an email from Nourishy confirming that we have received your order, and that it passes our quality control standard (still frozen and no visible rips/tears/leaks)

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