• Step 1

    Get your Nourishy shipping kit delivered to your door

  • Step 2

    Pack your milk in the medical-grade shipping cooler provided

  • Step 3

    Ship your milk with your included pre-paid express overnight shipping label

  • Step 4

    Receive your freeze-dried powdered breast milk at your door

Packaging Options:

Multi-Feed Pouches

all shipping included

Nourishy Single-Feed Pouches

Nourishy Multi-Feed: Every 1.4kg of frozen milk that we receive from you is combined and transformed into a larger pouch of powdered nourishment. Each pouch remains usable for up to one month after opening.

Single-Feed Pouches

all shipping included

Nourishy Multi-Feed Packaging
Nourishy Single-Feed: Each of your lactation bags become their own pouch of powder. Lactation bags are processed individually and any notes written on the bags, such as date frozen, diet, time etc are retained.
Combo Pouches

all shipping included

Nourishy Combinations Packaging
Nourishy Combo: you will receive a combination of both Multi-Feed and Single-Feed packaging. We will split your order as close to the middle as possible and provide you with both packaging options.

How to use your freeze-dried breast milk?

Nourishy Pharma Coolers

Medical-Grade Shipping Cooler

Your Nourishy kit includes a medical-grade cooler specifically designed for shipping frozen goods. 

Advanced, lightweight and insulated, guaranteeing the preservation of your milk at freezing temperatures. 

  • With a specialised core material and vacuum-sealed panels, Nourishy coolers keep your milk frozen during the 3 – 5 day transit.
  • While delays can occur from time to time, these coolers excel at preserving frozen temperatures over prolonged durations ensuring safe delivery of your milk.
  • Our coolers are far superior to any old typical Styrofoam coolers. No need for dry ice. In fact, couriers will not even accept them with dry ice.

Pre-paid Express Overnight Shipping Label

Our shipping includes the delivery of your Nourishy cooler to your location, the return overnight shipping to our facility, and the final shipment of your completed order back to your home.

  • Your kit includes a prepaid FedEx Priority Overnight shipping label to ship your milk to our Queensland facility.
  • Our shipping fees are substantially discounted as compared to what you would be quoted if going directly to FedEx.
Drop off with Fedex Australia

Dedicated Shipping Specialists

Our dedicated shipping logistics team ensures a smooth and stress-free shipping process. Our team will collaborate closely with you to:

  • Ensure the prompt delivery of your shipping kit and booking in returns on request
  • Assist with any special instructions, such as moving or travel
  • Provide on-call availability to address any questions or assist in navigating shipping delays

Detailed Shipping Instructions

Our goal is to make shipping your breast milk as easy as possible. We provide detailed packing and shipping instructions with every shipping kit. 

Near Brisbane and want to drop off your stash?