How It Works

The Nourishy Process


Upon arrival, the milk undergoes an initial quality check. Each bag is labeled with the customer's name and assigned a unique ID number for tracking purposes.


Every bag of milk is weighed and documented. The expression date and any additional notes written on the bag are carefully noted for inclusion on the final custom label.


The frozen milk is placed into our lyophilisation pouches, which provide a protective barrier against contamination while allowing water vapour to escape. Each pouch is processed separately during freeze-drying, ensuring that your milk remains labeled even while in the freeze-dryer.


Your freeze-dried breast milk powder is then packaged with utmost sterility inside a cleanroom workstation.


As part of our final quality control check, we assess the water activity ("dryness") of your breast milk powder to ensure its shelf stability for up to 3 years. Following this assessment, your freeze-dried breast milk is prepared for shipment.

Nourishy Shipping Instructions

Shipping to Nourishy

Say goodbye to the stress of shipping your milk with our hassle-free shipping kits. We offer an all-inclusive package, complete with a pre-paid shipping label, guaranteeing the safe arrival of your milk at its destination. We prioritise smooth and secure shipping as part of our dedicated service.

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How to Use Your Breast Milk Powder

Keep in mind that freeze-dried breast milk is not classified as sterile. It is crucial to handle and store breast milk powder with caution, adhering to recommended guidelines to prevent potential contamination by bacteria such as Cronobacter. Mishandling can pose significant health risks, so it's important to exercise proper care.

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Steps for Freeze-Drying Breast Milk

Ultra-Low Freeze

Your frozen breast milk, undergoes a process where it's carefully stored in a chamber with a low temperature of -40°C.

Deep Vacuum

The air in the chamber is pumped out, bringing the environment in the chamber to a deep vacuum.


Within the vacuum chamber, the ice crystals in the milk undergo a transition from solid to water vapour. In this low-pressure environment, the water vapour molecules are extracted from the milk, leaving behind the remaining components in powdered form.

Package & Seal

The breast milk powder is meticulously processed and sealed in high-barrier mylar bags, creating a protective shield against moisture, oxygen, UV rays, and other potential contaminants. This safeguards your breast milk, allowing it to maintain its quality for up to three years.