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Discover how we turn your breast milk into a long-lasting, nutrient-rich powder!

From shipping to delivery, our streamlined process is designed for maximum protection for your milk.

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Our end-to-end process usually takes between 1–3 weeks, ensuring your
freeze-dried breast milk is back with you as soon as possible.
Our Express Services come with
expedited shipping and guaranteed 5–7 day processing.

Nourishy Process Explaines
Step 1
Initial Quality Control and Tracking

Nourishy receives your frozen milk and does an initial QC check. Then, we label each of your bags with your name and a unique tracking ID.

Step 2
Precise Weighing and Logging

We weigh and log each bag of your milk. We record your notes (such as date frozen, time, diet, etc) for printing on your final custom packaging.

Step 3
SafeDry™ Freeze-Drying Process

Without touching it, we transfer your frozen milk to our proprietary freeze-drying pouches. These protect your milk from contamination while allowing water vapour to escape. Each bag remains separate during processing. Your milk is labeled with your name even while in the freeze-dryer.

Step 4
Clean Room Sterile Packaging

Working only on your order, a trained technician packages your freeze-dried breast milk using sterile techniques. Your milk never comes into contact with any equipment or utensils.

Step 5
Final QC & Dryness Measurement

Your technician measures the water activity ("dryness") of your breast milk powder to ensure it will remain safe for 3 years in our packaging. Your breast milk is now ready for its journey home!

Shipping Your Milk to Nourishy

Take the anxiety out of shipping your milk with our easy-to-use shipping kits!

Nourishy Large Shipping Cooler

Shipping Your Milk to Nourishy

Take the anxiety out of shipping your milk with our easy-to-use shipping kits!

  • No hidden fees: Each shipping kit comes with a prepaid Priority Overnight shipping label.
  • Hassle-free: Our kits come with everything you need to safely pack and ship your milk.
  • Dedicated support: Nourishy is your full-service concierge. We handle the entire process for you.

How to Use Your Freeze-Dried Breast Milk

How to Use Your Freeze-Dried Breast Milk

We've got you covered with step-by-step guidelines on safely storing, rehydrating, and even incorporating your freeze-dried breast milk into solid foods, ensuring you make the most out of every precious ounce.

How Nourishy's Freeze-Drying Process Works

Nourishy's gentle freeze-drying process turns your breast milk into a convenient powder while keeping its vital nutrients intact! Here's how:


We remove water from your milk by turning it directly from ice to vapor.

Preserve Nutrition

This method keeps the milk's taste and nutritional quality.

No Thawing

We keep your milk frozen the entire time, ensuring its safety and integrity.

Steps for Freeze-Drying Breast Milk

Nourishy Process Step 2
1. Vacuum-Freeze

Your frozen breast milk is placed into a special chamber. A pump removes the air from the chamber, bringing it to a deep vacuum.

Nourishy Process Step 3
2. Sublimation

The milk's ice crystals turn into water vapour. In the vacuum chamber, the water vapour molecules are pulled out of the milk, leaving behind all other components as powder.

Nourishy Process Step 4
3. Package & Seal

Your breast milk powder is sealed in high-barrier mylar bags, protecting it from moisture, oxygen, UV light, and contamination. It’s now shelf-stable for 3 years without refrigeration.

Safety Measures

Nourishy Powder Dosing

Safety Measures

At Nourishy, your baby's safety is our utmost priority.

Our facility is exclusively dedicated to freeze-drying breast milk, employing rigorous quality controls, sterile handling, and advanced nutritional testing to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality for your precious milk.

Ready to discover the magic of freeze-dried breast milk?

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