SafeMilk: Human Milk Safety Screening

We're dedicated to ensuring that every infant has access to the safest, most nutritious breast milk. Whether you're a mother facing challenges with milk expression, surrogacy, or seeking an alternative feeding solution, our mission is to support you.

Nourishy Medium Shipping Cooler

Nourishy's Mission

Through rigorous safety screenings, advanced processing techniques, and compassionate service, we make sure that every drop of milk nourishes and protects, just like it's meant to. Every baby's health and well-being is our top priority.

If the milk is not stored correctly, there is a risk of bacterial contamination and infectious diseases. Medications or illegal drugs can also be transmitted through the milk if not properly screened.

Breast milk is universally recognised as the optimal choice for infant nutrition; however, obtaining milk from informal sources carries risks, as there's no assurance that the milk has undergone proper storage, screening, or handling procedures.

The SafeMilk Service Includes

Australia Wide Logistics

Collection (or drop-off) of your milk from you or from the donor as well as returning your SafeMilk back to you, neatly packaged.

Pasteurising & Dosing

Eliminating harmful bacteria using the Holder method before being dosed and bottled into 100ml sterilised, single-use bottles.

Pathology Testing

3rd party post and pre pasteurisation microbial testing to ensure the milks safety for your bub.

Freeze-Drying (optional)

Optional freeze-drying of your SafeMilk to extend its shelf-life up to 3-years and allows storage outside of the freezer.

Why SafeMilk?

Enhanced Safety and Screening

Ensures that all breast milk is rigorously tested and screened for pathogens and contaminants. This critical step protects infants from potential health risks, providing peace of mind to parents that the milk their babies are consuming meets strict safety standards.

Support for Breastfeeding Challenges:

A solution for mothers who may face challenges with breastfeeding, whether due to medical reasons, low supply, returning to work etcr. SafeMilk supports continued breastfeeding efforts, helping to bridge the gap when direct breastfeeding isn't possible.

Preservation of Nutritional and Immunological Benefits:

With options for optional pasteurisation and freeze-drying, SafeMilk ensures that the milk retains its valuable nutrients and antibodies, which are crucial for infant health and development. This process not only extends the shelf life of the milk but also maintains its quality.

Hospital Approved Standards

We issue a certificate which confirms the safe processing of the milk and at the hospitals discretion, they should allow you to bring your SafeMilk to the hospital for an upcoming birth. Our commitment to the highest standards of safety and nutrition ensures that you and healthcare providers can trust in the quality of our product, giving you one less thing to worry about as you prepare to welcome your new arrival.

Tailored Logistics Service

Whether you're a generous donor or a grateful recipient, we'll dispatch a medical-grade cooler directly to your doorstep. Your SafeMilk medical-grade cooler is specifically designed to maintain the optimal temperature, ensuring the breast milk's integrity during transit.

  • With a specialised core material and vacuum-sealed panels, our coolers keep your milk frozen during the 3 – 5 day transit.
  • While delays can occur from time to time, these coolers excel at preserving frozen temperatures over prolonged durations ensuring safe delivery of your milk.
  • Our coolers are far superior to any old typical Styrofoam coolers. No need for dry ice or ice blocks.

Pasteurising and Dosing

Pasteurisation is essential for eliminating harmful pathogens that might be present in breast milk. While it's true that this process can reduce some of the milk's beneficial components, it is a necessary step to safeguard infants from potential health risks.

Nourishy employs the 'Holder Method' for pasteurisation, recognised as the gentlest method available. This technique involves heating the milk to a specific temperature for a set period, effectively eliminating bacteria while doing its utmost to preserve the milk's vital nutrients and immunological properties. By choosing the Holder Method, SafeMilk strikes a careful balance between safety and nutritional preservation, ensuring that the milk remains as beneficial as possible for your baby.

Pathology Testing

The milk is tested upon arrival to assess its safety and identify any potential microbial presence. Following the gentle pasteurisation process using the Holder Method, the milk undergoes a second round of testing. This post-pasteurisation analysis is crucial for confirming that the pasteurisation process has effectively eliminated harmful pathogens without significantly impacting the milk's nutritional value.

Nourishy approves the milk only when it meets or surpasses stringent safety standards, ensuring that every batch provided to infants is not only safe but also of the highest quality. We can provide a certificate; should you wish to bring your SafeMilk with you into hospital for an upcoming birth.

Through this rigorous testing protocol, Nourishy SafeMilk maintains its commitment to delivering safe, nutritious breast milk to support infant health and well-being.

Freeze-Drying (optional)

The Freeze-Drying stage is an innovative, optional step designed to significantly extend the shelf life of your SafeMilk while preserving its essential nutrients. This process transforms your SafeMilk into a powder form, enabling it to be stored for up to three years outside of a freezer and without losing its nutritional and immunological benefits. By removing water content through a low-temperature sublimation process, freeze-drying ensures that vital nutrients and antibodies remain intact, closely mirroring the quality of fresh breast milk.

Additionally, this process offers practical advantages for transportation. Since freeze-dried milk is 90% lighter and does not require refrigeration, it becomes more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to return back to you. This method not only provides a sustainable option for extending the usability of breast milk but also ensures that infants can receive the benefits of breast milk, regardless of time and distance.

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