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From Day One in Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne, you can now get preferred per-100 gram pricing and save on the hassle of shipping your milk!

From Day One

From Day One will store your frozen milk, and a Nourishy rep will then professionally package and ship it to our Facility in Brisbane for processing. Your completed order will be shipped back directly to your home.

For a limited time, special launch pricing applies!

$6.90 per 100g for Multi-Feed
$9.40 per 100g for Single-Feed
$8.15 per 100g for Combo
-- all shipping included!

From Day One accepts drop-offs on Wednesdays by appointment. Click below to schedule your appointment. If you don't see a slot that works for you, contact us!

Schedule Drop Off

We always freeze-dry your breast milk using our SafeDry contact-free processing. How your breast milk powder is packaged is up to you.

  • Single-Feed Pouches

    With the Nourishy Single-Feed service, each bag of frozen milk becomes its own pouch of powder. Your bags are freeze-dried individually and indicate the date frozen.

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  • Multi-Feed Big Bags

    With the Nourishy Multi-Feed service, every 1.4kg. of frozen milk becomes one large bag of powder. Each bag can be used for up to 1 month after opening.

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  • Combination

    With the Nourishy Combo service; we will package half of your stash into Multi-Feed pouches and the other half into Single-Feed packaging giving you the best of both.

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Nourishy Medium Shipping Cooler

Not Located in Melbourne?

No worries! We've successfully shipped hundreds of frozen breast milk packages from every corner of Australia. If you're not local to Melbourne, click below to view our shipping kit options.

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