Freeze-Dry Service Pricing

We utilise a contact-free processing method to freeze-dry your breast milk. The packaging of your breast milk powder is customisable - please explore the options below and click for sizes and pricing. All shipping expenses for the options listed on this page are covered through our shipping kit service.

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Packaging Options:

Multi-Feed Pouches

all shipping included

Nourishy Single-Feed Pouches

Nourishy Multi-Feed: Every 1.4kg of frozen milk that we recieve from you is combined and transformed into a larger pouch of powdered nourishment. Each pouch remains usable for up to one month after opening.

Single-Feed Pouches

all shipping included

Nourishy Multi-Feed Packaging
Nourishy Single-Feed: Each of your lactation bags become their own pouch of powder. Lactation bags are processed individually and any notes written on the bags, such as date frozen, diet, time etc are retained.
Combo Pouches

all shipping included

Nourishy Combinations Packaging
Nourishy Combo: you will recieve a combination of both Multi-Feed and Single-Feed packaging. We will split your order as close to the middle as possible and provide you with both packaging options.