• Preserving Mothers Nourishment

    Freeze-Dried Breast Milk Service for Aussie Parents
    Nourishy is Australia's first breast milk freeze-drying service. We transform your stash into powder.
    Nourishy Single-Use Pouches
Freeze-drying extends the shelf life of your breast milk by 3 years.
Your Milk
Our contact-free process ensures that your milk never comes into contact with any of our equipment.
Freeze-drying safely and gently removes the water while preserving the nutrients in your milk.

About Us

Quality & Service Guaranteed

Nourishy is committed to providing safe and nutritious freeze-dried breast milk to Aussie parents and carers.

Founded by a team of passionate parents and dedicated experts in the field of infant nutrition, Nourishy has set out to revolutionise the way breast milk is stored and shared. Recognising the challenges faced by mums and dads who want to ensure their babies receive the best nutrition, we embarked on a journey to create a product that not only maintains the integrity of breast milk but also makes it more accessible and convenient.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety in every step of our production process. Our facility is equipped with advanced technology and operated by a team of skilled professionals who share our dedication to excellence.

Each batch of freeze-dried breast milk undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets or exceeds the stringent guidelines set forth by regulatory authorities.

Thank you for entrusting us with a precious part of your journey. Together, we can nourish the future, with every drop freeze-dried.

Trusted by over 3000 mums & dads

Nourishy is proud to be the official Australian partner of Milkify and follow their same process which is already trusted and loved by over 3000 mums and dads.

The patent-pending process ensures that your milk never comes into contact with any of our equipment or other milk. Each lactation bag of breast milk is processed individually and remains frozen during the transit from your freezer to our receiving hub in Brisbane and also all the way through to final freeze-drying and packaging.

Freeze-drying preserves the molecular structure of your milk, making it both convenient and easy to store. Our goal is to better preserve mothers’ nourishment.

  • Your Breast Milk

    Easy, Fast and Safe.

    Each pouch has a custom label detailing any info you recorded on your bag (expression date/time, notes
    about your diet or meds, etc).
    Each bag also tells you how much water to add to rehydrate your milk to its exact original consistency.
    Freeze-dried breast milk powder is easy to use – just add 'cool boiled or purified' water to make a bottle, or sprinkle onto solid foods for a nutritional boost anytime, anywhere!

Freeze Dried Breast Milk.

The pouches that we use to protect your breast milk during processing and final packaging have been specially manufactured and tested for a 3 year shelf-stability without the need for refrigeration.

Our facility has been custom built and fitted for the single purpose of safely processing breast milk.

Packaging Options

all shipping included

Packaging Options:

Multi-Feed Pouches

all shipping included

Nourishy Multi-Feed: Your frozen milk is combined into batches of 1.4kg and transformed into larger pouches of powdered nourishment. Each pouch remains usable for up to one month after opening.

Single-Feed Pouches

all shipping included

Nourishy Single-Feed: each of your lactation bags of frozen milk become their own pouch of powder. Each lactation bag is freeze-dried individually and all provided notes are retianed ie date frozen, time expressed etc.
Combo Pouches

all shipping included

Nourishy Combo: you will recieve a combination of both Multi-Feed and Single-Use packaging. We will split your order as close to the middle as possible and package your powdered milk using a mix of both options.

Stress Free Shipping

We make it easy for you.

Take the anxiety out of shipping your milk with our easy-to-use breast milk shipping kits. We will send you everything you need, including a medical-grade cooler and pre-paid overnight shipping label.

Each lactation bag of breast milk is processed individually and remains frozen during the transit from your freezer to our receiving hub in Brisbane and also all the way through to final freeze-drying and packaging.

We Ship Nationally, making it Easier for all Mums and Dads across Australia.

Why Freeze Dry Your Breast Milk ?

The benefits of freeze-dried breast milk are hard to ignore. Enjoy the convenience of a reliable supply
and a happy, well-fed baby.

The Safest Way to Freeze Dried Breast Milk.

Delivering on our promise to provide you with a safe and quality product for your baby is our top priority. Not all freeze-drying service providers use the same process – see below for more information on what sets us apart.

No Touching

Your milk never comes into contact with any equipment or utensils during processing

No Additives

No Chemicals, Additives, or Preservatives are added to your milk

Never Defrosted

The temperature of your milk is recorded at arrival, and is kept frozen at all times in our facility

Nothing lost

The nutritional value of your milk is preserved by our gentle freeze-drying process

Gift Card

The gift of nourishment

Not Just For Moms.

Freeze-dried breast milk is a great help for mums as well as dads. Making up a bottle couldn’t be easier; simply reconstitute the powder with cool-boiled or purified water and then feed that hungry little one.

It’s also handy for travel or emergencies since it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Dads can use it to provide essential nutrients for their infants. It’s also useful for transitioning to bottle feeding, which lets dads be more involved in caring for their little ones. Overall, freeze-dried breast milk gives dads a convenient and nutritious option for feeding their babies, strengthening their connection and sharing caregiving duties.